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    Hollywood Plus clones known to work: VideoLogic DVD Player MPEG Decoder Card

    Please help the development of the driver: send your /sys/class/em8300/em8300-0/device/model file (with the embedded form filled).
    If you don't do it, your card may be unsupported in the next release.
    The more information you give, the better. So please avoid as much as you reasonably can the "not tried" answer.

  • 2008-04-19 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.17.0 released.
    (hg: tag EM8300-0-17-0)

    • Compatibility with 2.6.25 is fixed.
    • Some autoconfiguration is here. (It is still early and is not expected to work for everyone; more information has to be gathered to go further...)

    Although incomplete, the long-promised autoconfiguration is here at last!

  • 2008-02-25 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • The development repository is now managed with mercurial, instead of the venerable CVS. The new main development repository is available at:


  • 2008-02-04 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.16.4 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-16-4)

    • Compatibility with linux 2.6.23 and 2.6.24 is fixed.
    • Fix some swapping of red and blue for some some values.
    • Some major rewritings (hopefully) with no behavioral change.
    • A few minor bugfixes.

    Nothing great here.

  • 2007-08-07 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.16.3 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-16-3)

    • Compatibility with linux 2.6.22 is fixed.
    • A new experimental function is added to zoom the video out (for those who complain about the overscan) with the /sys/class/em8300/em8300-0/device/zoom file.
    • Many minor bugfixes.

    Not enough information was gathered yet for autoconfiguration.

  • 2007-05-06 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.16.2 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-16-2)

    • New "model" sysfs file.
    • Compatibility with linux 2.6.21 is fixed.
    • Some minor bugfixes (including a missing initialization).

    Some code is here for full hardware detection. If enough information is gathered, and everything goes fine, correct module parameters will be automagically set in next release.

  • 2007-02-28 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.16.1 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-16-1)

    • The ALSA configuration directory is now autodetected.
    • Compatibility with linux 2.6.20 is fixed.
    • Documentation fixes and minor bugfixes.

    Nothing great here.

  • 2006-11-26 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.16.0 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-16-0)

    • bring ALSA support in
    • fix compatibility with kernels up to 2.6.19 (and hopefully next ones as well)
    • some minor cleanup

    The long-promised ALSA support is here at last.

  • 2006-04-09 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.15.3 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-15-3)

    • be compatible with the i2c stack in 2.6.16 kernels
    • fix support for recent versions of udev
    • fix automatic firmware loading with 2.4 kernels
    • fix support for 32-bit ioctls with 64-bit kernels
    • add support for 32-bit ioctls on x86_64
    • switch to GTK2 for the GUI userspace tools
    • some minor big fix and code cleanup

    Mostly fix compatibility with the latest kernels. (Unfortunately, we already know that compatibility with 2.6.17 will have to be fixed...)

  • 2005-11-23 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.15.2 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-15-2)

    • load the firmware automatically when needed (with the help of hotplug/udev)
    • offer various output modes for adv717x chips (such as s-video, composite video, yuv or rgb)
    • be compatible with 2.6.14 kernels
    • ensure that the encoder chip's module is locked with 2.6 kernels as it was with 2.4 ones
    • a few minor bugfixes

    Less than 3 months after 0.15.1, this new release is out. Some nice new features are here, but still no alsa...

  • 2005-09-05 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.15.1 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-15-1)

    • kill libdxr3 as nobody ever used it
    • kill the old unnumbered compatibility symlinks
    • kill all the RPM stuff
    • cleanup the autotools stuff
    • a few minor bugfixes

    Little more than 3 months after 0.15.0, this new release is out. Nothing great here but some work is in progress. Expect a new release within a few months.

  • 2005-06-01 (Nicolas Boullis)
  • Version 0.15.0 released.
    (cvs: tag EM8300-0-15-0)

    • support (at last) 2.6 kernels
    • can use dynamic assignment of major number (for people who use devfs or udev)
    • lots of minor bugfixes

    After exactly 15 months, this new release is finally out.
    Many thanks to all those who made this long-awaited release possible.

  • 2004-03-01 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.14.0 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-14, tag EM8300-0-14-0)

    • use semaphores instead of spinlocks
    • sparc64 fixes
    • powerpc fixes
    • alpha fixes
    • support 32bit ioctls in 64bit systems
    • fix i2c support
    • fix audio on big-endian systems
    • fix module options for multiple cards
    • fix O_NONBLOCK bug

    It's been over a year, but there is finally a new release.
    The next release will contains 2.6 support after things are ironed out.

  • 2003-11-24 (Kuroyi)
  • Support for i2c 2.8.0 has been merged by Nicolas Boullis and the SuSE patch has been removed. Please give it a try and look for a new release in a few weeks. If anyone can provide a patch to support kernel 2.6 please contact David or me.

  • 2003-07-28 (David Holm)
  • SuSE has provided us with an em8300 modules patch which adds support for i2c 2.8.0. If you want to use that version of i2c please fetch em8300 from CVS and apply the patch located in the modules subdir.

  • 2003-07-26 (David Holm)
  • RedHat 9 uses a kernel with code backported from the 2.5-branch. Due to this very few drivers will work with this kernel without modification. Marcel Janssen is maintaining a modified version of the DXR3/H+ driver for this reason.
    em8300-0.13.0-RH9.tar.gz and em8300-20030726-RH9.tar.gz.
    Please stop bugging the mailinglist about this.

  • 2002-11-12 (David Holm)
  • Added a links section to webpage. If you feel that anything is missing please mail me.

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