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  • 2002-11-09 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.13.0 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-13, tag EM8300-0-13-0)

    • new em8300setup util (Malcolm Lashley)
    • multiple card support fixed (Carl George)
    • bugfixes

    Not much to say here; this release fixes various problems with 0.12.0.
    It also deprecates the use of em8300init, em8300init is no longer installed and should be removed. Use em8300setup instead.
    Framebuffer support is progressing so the next release should be interesting..

    I uploaded the A/V Sync FAQ from Simon Rumble.
    Addition by David Holm
    DXR3 Kernel patches can temporarily be found here. They are mainly intended for linux distributions but feel free to try them at home if you are bored. (The server might be down from times as it is hosted on my main production machine, if it is down for more than 24 hours please mail me.

  • 2002-10-25 (David Holm)
  • we are trying to automate the setting of module options. To do this we need lots of user feedback on which options you use etc. To help us with this we have created a small perl script that will collect information from your system and mail them to us.
    It is very important to the future of em8300 that we get enough information, therefore we would greatly appreciate if as many users as possible could run this and send us the info.
    We would prefer if you run the script as root to get maximum output, but this is not a requirement. Please run it right after having loaded the modules and microcode, otherwise some vital information might be missing.

    Thanks in advance
    The script: em8300info.pl

  • 2002-10-20 (David Holm)
  • em8300setup - new (console) application to control your em8300

    Malcolm Lashley has put together a great little C app to control your em8300 from the console, including uploading microcode.
    Lots of people have requested an application for setting up the em8300 from the console to use in boxes without X and here it is. Although the biggest reason for this app is that perl 5.8 seems to have changed it's functionality so em8300init won't work with it. This is a big issue with redhat 8 users since they have switched to 5.8 already, this little console app takes care of your problems.
    Download em8300setup.c from here with instructions.

    WARNING to users of em8300-0.12.0
    If you use em8300setup to change any of the em8300 settings before you have loaded the microcode there is a risk of it causing a kernel oops. This issue has been resolved in the cvs version of the driver, so either be careful or use the cvs. I guess a new version will be released fairly soon, after we have established that em8300setup works as it should and it has been merged into cvs.

  • 2002-02-20 (David Holm)
  • Version 0.12.0 released. (The big one)
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-12, tag EM8300-0-12-0)

    • Lots of bugs fixed relating to audio playback
      • Digital AC3 fixed by Steven Brookes
      • Added poll/select (yields better responsiveness in apps that use them)
      • Michael Roitzsch fixed mono audio playback on digital output
    • Bugs relating to compilation on 2.2 and 2.5 kernels fixed
    • We have switched to a new naming scheme, where devices are called /dev/em8300*-0 (up to -3 if you have more than 1 device)
    • This is the big one: The driver now includes a microcode (which works on both h+ and dxr3)

    Suggested course of action: (as root)
    rm -rf /dev/em8300*
    in em8300-0.12.0/modules do "make clean install devices"
    then load the modules (run ./ldm) and execute em8300init
    There, all done, and the new microcode has been installed.
    The microcode is placed in /usr/share/misc

  • 2002-01-20 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.11.0 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-11, tag EM8300-0-11-0)

    • bugfixes

    Hopefully this fixes all the problems with the 0.10.x series.

  • 2002-01-13 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.10.1 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-10, tag EM8300-0-10-1)

    • devfs (and non-devfs) bugfixes
    • nonblocking write mode added
    • driver audio sync removed (audio_setpts)

    If you are using 0.10.0 upgrading is highly recommended.

  • 2001-12-29 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.10.0 released (Farewell 2001 Release).
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-10, tag EM8300-0-10-0)

    • procfs support added (/proc/em8300/)
    • devfs support added (/dev/video/)
    • audio bugfixes (mplayer digital audio works)
    • a few new ioctl's added (GET_*MODE)
    • ntsc and pal mode fixes

    I could use feedback on the ntsc mode modifications.

  • 2001-12-03 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.9.0 released (Super Smash Bros. Melee Release).
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-9, tag EM8300-0-9-0)

    • rename eeprom to adv717x_eeprom
    • implement more OSS ioctls
    • continue build even if gtk not found
    • libdxr3 updates

    This is the first release that'll work with MPlayer. Have fun.

    Update: Oh yeah, you can download mplayer-installer .debs if you run Debian. Binaries not included.

  • 2001-11-29 (David)
  • MPlayer CVS version now has excellent DVD/VCD playback as well as superfast playback of all the supported codecs in mplayer. (All this through the dxr3/h+)
    NOTE: RTE is no longer needed!

  • 2001-10-31 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.8.3 released (Halloween Release).
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-8, tag EM8300-0-8-3)

    • module licenses added
    • fix ac3 output audio speed
    • other minor updates

  • 2001-09-21 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.8.2 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-8, tag EM8300-0-8-2)

    • more autocal/overlay fixes
    • spdif output somewhat fixed (use EM8300_AUDIOMODE_DEFAULT to set digital pcm mode)
    • debian package updates

    Not much to say about this one.

  • 2001-08-19 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.8.1 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-8, tag EM8300-0-8-1)

    • more autocal/overlay fixes
    • spu button ioctl's for menu support added
    • slight var_video_value change for Xine metronom plugin

    Needed to get this out for the var_video_value change and the spu button ioctl. Hopefully the Xine dvd input plugin with menu support (http://dvd.sourceforge.net) will move along at a steady pace. Overlay mode should work better for those of you it does work for. Let's hope Daniel can figure out the problem for the rest of you.

  • 2001-08-05 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.8.0 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-8, tag EM8300-0-8-0)

    • Xine 0.5 support (plugin included with Xine)
    • OSS ioctl's added
    • registers audio devices as /dev/dsp*
    • ntsc fixes for bt865 based cards
    • more overlay fixes
    • overlay->tv mode switching module option
    • left/right audio channel swap fix
    • 1/2 second sync problem fixed
    • possible deadlock fixed

    Many thanks to all the contributors this time around: Eduard Hasenleithner, Chris Hoover, John Stebbins, Daniel Chassot, Graeme Gregory, and Mike Lampard. As well as all the Xine people for a great architecture to plug into :)

  • 2001-07-02 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.7.2 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-7, tag EM8300-0-7-2)

    • new kernel 2.4 Makefile
    • add color bars module option
    • more overlay mode fixes
    • improved bt865 support
    • fix disappearing subtitles bug
    • fix ac3/pcm spdif output

    Please note that libdxr3 no longer automatically uploads the microcode. You'll need to use microcode_upload.pl after loading the modules.

    Sync code has still not be redone. If anyone is interested in working on gstreamer plugins let me know. I haven't been able to start them yet.

    Since SourceForge wants to phase out project FTP services I've moved all the files to http://dxr3.sourceforge.net/download and updated the links. Everything will disappear from the FTP site soon.

  • 2001-06-02 (Kuroyi)
  • I've added an email notes page. If anyone has any emails with useful information send them or a patch to notes.html to me.

    I'm hoping to get gstreamer plugins going soon. If you're interested in helping with this email me. If it works out like I hope I'll rip the sync code out of cvs.

  • 2001-05-12 (Kuroyi)
  • Added more reverse engineering approaches from James Farwell.

  • 2001-05-11 (Kuroyi)
  • I added a link to the Xine 0.4.2 patch in the download section. I also uploaded a complete .tar.gz of a patched Xine 0.4.2 but you still need the updated xine_dvd_libcss_plugin-dxr3.tar.gz

  • 2001-05-10 (Kuroyi)
  • Patryk Laurent has set up a dxr3 users database. Check it out and add your results.

  • 2001-04-21 (Kuroyi)
  • make-install-2.4 blows away some people's modules directory. For now, either don't use it or make a backup of your modules first.

  • 2001-04-21 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.7.1 released.
    (cvs: branch EM8300-0-7, tag EM8300-0-7-1)

    • Automatic ratio detection with Xine 0.4.01 patch (needs the updated input plugin, see the README)
    • Separate libdxr3 used by player plugins
    • Overlay fixes
    • Fix for gcc 2.96
    • Cleaned up printk's
    • Includes dhc
    • Autoconfed source

    Things seem to be working fairly reliably for many people now. At this point we plan to start cleaning up the code; I can't believe it even works at all. I hope to put a TODO page soon to keep everyone up to date on the status and what you can help with. We'll have an updated reverse-engineering page up soon as well. It's slow going but this semester ends soon so hopefully we'll get some more time from previously busy students.

  • 2001-03-26 (Kuroyi)
  • Commit new web site.

    There are still a few things that need tweaking but if you have any issues or modifications send me an email or patch. Paul probably won't have time to maintain the site but send him a thanks if you like it.

  • 2001-03-19 (Paul Laufer)
  • Web Site Update

    • New design
    • Updated content (Yay!)

  • 2001-03-05 (Kuroyi)
  • Version 0.7 released.

    • New sync code
    • Support for the BT865
    • Updated OMS driver
    • xine_dxr3 patch
    • Builds with 2.4.x kernels
    • Initial VGA Overlay support

    The 'how to use it' section is out of date. Please use Xine or OMS to play your mpeg's or dvd's

    If someone has a little time on their hands it would help if you could check htdocs out of cvs, break the 'how to use' and 'problems and solutions' into separate HOWTO and FAQ pages, and send me a patch. Updating the content may be a good idea as well :)

  • 2000-06-08
  • Instructions on how to enable NTSC output is added to the "How to use it" section.

  • 2000-05-17

    Version 0.6a released

    em8300.o module loading problem is hopefully fixed now. If you got a message like: "em8300.o: unresolved symbol __divdi3" when loading the driver, try this version. The difference is that I no longer use the long long 64-bit integer data type. I guess the 64-bit division function is compiled as in line code by some compiler (like mine) and is left as a library call in others.

  • 2000-05-15
  • Version 0.6 released.

    • Support for the ADV7170 video encoder.
    • OMS plugin. Subpicture support (doesn't work perfectly though).
    • A first attempt at audio/video synchronization. The current version of the OMS plugin is using one single thread for all three streams (video, audio and subpicture). This implies that if for instance the audio FIFO is blocked, the writing thread cannot feed data to the video FIFO until the audio FIFO has reached its threshold level. This effect will make the playback in oms unnecessarily jerky.

  • 2000-05-01
  • The project is now registred at sourceforge.net with a mailing list and a CVS repository (finally).

  • 2000-04-25

    Version 0.5 released. The video device now waits until the last frame of the MPEG stream has been displayed before releasing the device. The device driver has been splitted up in order to make it less messy.

  • 2000-04-17

    Now I know that the timer expired error occurs on cards having other video encoders than ADV7175A. Both BT865 and AD7170 encoders have been found.

    Version 0.4 released. An EEPROM module is now included in the driver package. The ADV7170 video encoder is detected but isn't properly initialized yet.

  • 2000-04-13

    Version 0.3 released. This one fixes the "black screen" with newer version of the microcode. Actually the device did decode the MPEG stream, but it was rolling at 1/65536 of full speed. If you encounter this problem in version 0.3 as well, please contact me.

  • 2000-04-12

    Version 0.2 released. The previous version depended on the "LM Sensors" package because of its EEPROM driver. However this wasn't mentioned in the requirements section. Since the driver doesn't take advantage of it yet, the LM Sensors dependency was dropped in version 0.2.

    But if you have the LM Sensors package installed on your system and you have the eeprom module loaded, the 256 byte EEPROM on the MPEG card will be detected and can be reached from the proc file system in /proc/sys/dev/sensors/eeprom-i2c-2-50. It would be interesting to see the difference in EEPROM contents between DXR3 and H+.

  • 2000-04-12 Compilation problems with 2.2 kernels fixed.
  • 2000-04-10 Initial version 0.1 released
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