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There are currently two ways to get the source for this driver: by downloading a 'stable' release or by downloading the latest source via Mercurial. Depending on how old the last release is, it may be best to try out latest in Mercurial.

  • Download a Release

    If you decide to try one of the 'stable' releases, please note that as of yet none are really quite stable. They are more akin to Mozilla's milestones in that there are still many bugs to be worked out. Please use the first download link if possible as it tracks the number of downloads.

  • Source Via Mercurial

    Ok, yeah, you know the development repository is often broken and unstable. Well, yeah, but we still need you guys to check out the latest and greatest from it and report those bugs. So please do. See the main development repository page for info about how to access Mercurial, and how to check out the code.

  • Video Player Software

    • MPlayer

      MPlayer gives you fast VCD/DVD playback, as well as playback for all supported MPlayer codecs. Make sure to read the DXR3 text included in the documentation! To use MPlayer you need to have em8300 0.9.0 or later installed.

    • Xine

      The latest versions of Xine allow DVD and DIVX playback via the DXR3. When using the version from CVS, DVD navigational menus are implemented also. The DXR3 support is now inluded with Xine, so the patches linked to below are no longer necessary.

    • OMS

      OMS is essentially dead. Use Xine or MPlayer instead.

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