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dxr3Player is a DVD-player written specifically for the dxr3/h+. It already has support for all major features found on DVDs such as menus and switching camera angles.

MPlayer supports such things as playing back MPEG using hardware acceleration to playing RealVideo or DivX (unaccelerated) through the DXR3. MPlayer has native support for overlay.

Xine is another player that supports the DXR3. Xine also has native support for overlay.

The VDR-DXR3 Project is creating a DXR3 plugin for VDR. The DXR3 card is supported by a plugin for VDR, a digital television recording system for Linux. Digital transmissions are received through a DVB card and played through the DXR3.

Menu program for the DXR3. It is capable of showing and playing MP3's and movies (via alsaplay and mplayer).

DXR3 RGB tvout modification for the DXR3. Hardware modification warning.

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