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Welcome Developers! Here you will find some information about the inner workings of the Dxr3 and Hollywood Plus cards, including register information for the em8300, em9010, pdf documentation for a few of the accessory chips on these boards, and finally, some reverse engineering methods.

First, every good developer needs to be connected with the rest of his team. If you are interested in assisting with development or with the web page, or documentation, or whatever, then please subscribe to the mailing list. Its easy. All you need is a sourceforge account, and as a developer you should have one already, right? Right.

Now that we have that taken care of, you need some good documentation. Lets start with some PDFs for common chips on these boards. Besides the em8300 and em9010 chips, which we can't get docs for, the ADV7170, ADV7175, and bt865 chips are perhaps the most important. Which of those three chips will be on your board depends on who made it, Sigma Designs or Creative Labs, where the board was intended to be sold, and when it was made.

Here is the current hardware documentation we have:

Here are the reverse engineering documents by our own Henrik Johansson:

We have started a page with information from emails.

Here are some web sites with useful information:

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