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Reverse engineering utils

Note, the latest version of these tools can be downloaded from the CVS repository at Source Forge..
Name Parameters Description
softiceparse.pl softiceparse.pl SOFTICELOG > REGISTERLOG Extracts register accesses from Softice history If the register access subroutines doesn't store the hardware register in edx you must manually edit the script to reflect the register assignment used by your driver.
symboliclog.pl symboliclog.pl MICROCODE < REGISTERLOG > SYMBOLICLOG Translates registers to symbolic names using microcode block.
parsei2c.pl parsei2c.pl < REGISTERLOG Translate the raw register operations from a register log into I2C transcations. This util can also handle the non-I2C protocol of the analog overlay processor.
replay.pl replay.pl < REGISTERLOG replay.pl mimics the hardware interactions from a register log by letting the em8300 device driver perform exactly the same operations as in the log. Since there are no time stamps present in the register log, the timing between consecutive operations is lost in the reconstruction.
console.pl console.pl console.pl let the user write and read to hardware registers, watch driver status etc via the em8300 device driver.
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